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       For those of you who don't know, damascus is a type of steel used in ornate blacksmithing and bladesmithing. It is made by layering multiple types of steel with different carbon and nickel contents. When etched in acid, the layers show intricate patterns. No two pieces of damascus are the same. These are some damascus billets I have made.

1st Damascus Billet

        This is my first damascus billet. It was comprised of 240 layers. I etched it lightly for a photo before sale, for this reason the layers are hard to make out. A final etch would be much darker. 

Roller Bearing Mosaic Can Damascus

        This was my first venture into Mosaic damascus. I used Harley-Davidson roller-bearings in a mild steel can. A high nickel, steel powder was poured into the can to fill the voids. Mosaics like these are used for the bolsters and finger-guards of ornate knives and cutlery.